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A construction permit is required in most jurisdictions for new construction. or adding onto pre-existing structures, and in some cases for major renovations. Generally the construction site is inspected during construction and after to ensure compliance with set regulations. Failure to obtain a permit can lead to fine and penalties, even demolition of unauthorized buildings if they cannot be made to meet code. 

The process for obtaining construction permits is regulated by the Alberta Safety Codes Council. The Safety Codes Council derives its authority from the Safety Codes Act and the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Through the Safety Codes Council, the County was accredited in March 2011 to issue permits for all 5 construction disciplines – building, electrical, gas, plumbing and septic. This means that landowners are able to obtain construction permits from the County office, rather than from an agency outside the County’s boundaries.

The County has also contracted an inspection agency, Park Enterprises, to provide support and certified inspectors to review and inspect work carried out under these permits.

By providing in-house construction permits and contracted inspections, the County has reduced the cost of these permits to the landowner. At the same time, the County is ensuring that structures are being built according to the Alberta Building Code.

Building Permits

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Electrical Permits

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Gas Permits

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Plumbing Permits

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Septic Permits (PSDS)

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Construction Permits


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