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NREDI Report on Southeast Alberta Industry  

The Exploring Southeast Alberta Industry report is designed to provide comparative information about the economic valuation of local and regional industry on three different appraisals of information: 

• Provincial analysis of all NAICS industry revenues 
• Inclusive regional analysis with NAICS industry revenue and return comparisons 
• Local community analysis of revenues and returns 

The intended purpose of this report is to provide an economic snapshot of Southeast Alberta in the year of its measurement. Identifying local industry strengths and weaknesses, as determined through labour estimates and industry revenues, gives municipalities the opportunity to compare their key industries to other municipalities or regions of similar size. The purpose is to create discussion potential regarding a region or community’s current status, and possible future directions for potential development. The report explores how the Region of Newell and its individual municipalities compare to provincial data, as well as other regions and municipalities within the Southeast Alberta Economy.
2011 Report on Southeast Alberta Industry.pdf
NREDI Report on Southeast Alberta Industry


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NREDI Report on Southeast Alberta Industry

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