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In 2013, the Newell Regional Economic Development Initiative submitted a Regional Collaboration Grant for 2014. This program was to create a better online information culture that leveraged websites and other digital communications medium. The continuing result of this program is the development of digital information about the Region of Newell and all of the opportunities found within. 

The program was divided into several components. The first was the creation of websites as part of a much larger communications network. These websites,,,, and, would provide a unique source of information about the region, and help promote the region as a unique place for business and opportunity. Stakeholders were involved in the development of these digital communication platforms to ensure that the proper items of interest were being developed. Each of these websites are highly interlinked, and the network is incredibly integrated. Any user of any site can freely flow from one to the other without running into walls or gaps. 

The second component to this process was to create physical zones of data access. NREDI worked on developing this by purchasing Kiosks for remote access onto the network, as well as purchasing PDATablets for use in businesses to access the network. 

The intended final result of this program is to provide both locals and visitors with a one of a kind communications and information network of the Region. This will better enable our visitors and residents to engage with groups, clubs, businesses, and organizations in the Region of Newell using the best digital technology available     
Creating a Progressive Online Culture


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