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Eastern Irrigation District

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The Eastern Irrigation District operates under the authority of the Irrigation Districts Act [c. I-11, RSA 2000]. The primary purpose of the district is set out in its governing legislation as follows:

  •  The purpose of each district is:
    •  to convey and deliver water through the irrigation works of the district in accordance with this Act,
    •  to divert and use quantities of water in accordance with the terms and conditions of its license under the Water Act,
    •  to construct, operate and maintain the irrigation works of the district, and
    •  to maintain and promote the economic viability of the district.
  •  To carry out its purposes a district has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the regulations and the by-laws, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person.

The Eastern Irrigation District is the successor to the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Ltd [CPR]. The CPR commenced the irrigation project in the early 1900’s as a means of profiting from the land grants provided to them by the Dominion Government of Canada. In 1935, irrigators in the Brooks region completed negotiations with the CPR that saw their irrigation operations pass over to the farmers in the district. The district has been operated by the irrigators under various provincial legislation since that time.


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