About My Community Cash

How My Community Cash Works.

  • People and businesses will be encouraged to purchase Community Cash for use at participating County of Newell Businesses. 
  • This means your dollar assists local business, creating a stable business environment and helping your quality of living
  • Individual purchases up to $500.00 annually at 0.95 cents on the dollar (5% discount)
  • Community Cash cannot be redeemed for cash value alone.
  • Community Cash should otherwise be given at face value, change should be provided to the customer for any unused amount of that value. ($25 & $10 amounts)
  • To verify authenticity the Chamber seal will be embedded in each bill. Any bills without this seal should not be accepted, and reported to the Chamber of Commerce immediately.
  • All businesses are welcome to accept Community Cash and will be listed below. If you accept My Community Cash, and would like your business listed , contact the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Check the list often for updates.