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"Welcome to the County of Newell - a land of broad horizon. 75 million years ago the dinosaurs roamed amidst a tropical climate here. That legacy is with us today - from Dinosaur Provincial Park, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the more than 30,000 oil and gas wells in the County.

More than 1.5 million acres of pasture and crop land generate a significant primary and value added agriculture industry. We're home to one of Canada's largest beef packing plants, and Canada's largest hone farm, among other signs of strong and diversified economic activity... 

...Encompassing 5900 km2 and 22, 500 people, the County of Newell is centrally located between Calgary, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat. Business costs are substantially lower in the County of Newell than in larger urban centres without compromising accessibility to major transportation systems and larger urban markets in southern Alberta. Alberta itself leads Canada and most of North America in most measures of economic growth and progress, and business costs." (Reeve Molly Douglass, County of Newell)

Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce
#4, 403 – 2 Avenue West
Brooks, Alberta T1R 0S3
Phone: 403-362-7641
Fax: 403-362-6893
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