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Based on the strong presence of oil and gas, agriculture, tourism, and retail and business services sectors in the Region of Newell and an evaluation of the Region's business structure, a number of gaps have been identified that represent business opportunities. Pre-feasibility studies have been completed to evaluate potential for viable business opportunities.
Oil & Gas Map

Are you looking for oil & gas well locations? Click on the file box below to view the map!
Oil Gas Map Opp Newell.docx
Exploring South East Alberta Industry

This report focuses on an exploratory new process of measuring industry strengths and weaknesses through statistics collected from Statistics Canada. The unique methodology of this analytical process provides an extraordinary breakdown of industry in SE Alberta.  

Exploring South East Alberta Industry_4.pdf
Alberta Pheasant Hunting Economic Impact Survey

Information regarding the pheasant hunting industry and the economic benefits and effects of the industry are researched and interpreted to gain a better understanding of its importance.

To view the entire report regarding Alberta Pheasent Hunting Economic Impact please click on the attached...
Alberta Pheasant Hunting Economic Impact Survey.pdf
XL Lakeside Economy Impact

This document provides information regarding the assessed economic impact of the closure of the XL Lakeside Plant. This report uses Statistics Canada 2011 Survey of Employment, Payroll, & Hours to determine the assessed impact of the 
loss of wages to the economy. 
XL Lakeside Economy Impact Report_1.pdf
Industry Profile - County of Newell

The following report, which can be accessed via the attached file below, provides analysis and statistics within the County of Newell. The information gathered is intended to produce useable statistics to identify trends, stagnation, or decline. Industry classification measures also helped to identify...
Industry Profile of County of Newell_1.pdf
Bio-Diesel Production

Research was conducted regarding the production of bio-diesel in the County of Newell.

To learn more about bio-diesel, the industry, the potential market and profitability please click on the attached file below.

Biodiesel Production_1.pdf
Occupational Corporate Safety Services Supply

Research was conducted to determine the viability of the supply of occupational health and safety services in the Newell Region, additional information regarding the industry, financial projections, and possible implications for the development of an occupational health and safety store are determined...
Occupational Health Safety Services Supply Report.pdf
Recreational Vehicle Park

A prefeasibility study was conducted to determine the viability of a high end recreational vehicle park in Region of Newell.

For more information regarding the findings of the report please click on the attached file below.

Recreational Vehicle Park Report_4.pdf
Organic Farming

The County of Newell conducted research regarding the feasibility of organic grain and oil seed in the County of Newell. 

To view the entire organic farming report please click on the attached file below.

Organic Farming Report.pdf
Blow Back Tank Production Facility

The following report outlines the nature of the challenge in extracting natural gas in some areas, the fracing process that is used to help with the extraction, and how blow back tanks fit into the fracing process. 

To view the entire report regarding the Blow Back Tank Production...
Ethanol Plant

The Ethanol Industry is prominent throughout the County of Newell. In 2008 research was conducted to better understand the industry and business associated with Ethanol. Click on the attached file below to read the entire findings of the ethanol report.
Ethanol Plant Report_1.pdf
Ground Water Assesment

Water is a valuable resource in the Region of Newell. The Newell Region has completed a Regional Groundwater Resource Assessment. In addition to serving as an assist for the agricultural...

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life Report conducted by Grasslands FCSS will be published here in the fall of 2014. Please check back soon!
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