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Employment Initiatives

Numerous programs and associations are available throughout the Newell Region that aid residents in building job skills, below are some of the associations available.
Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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The temporary foreign worker program allows employers to hire temporary labour or skill shortages. Employers must first complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to be able to utilize the program. This assessment verifies that there is a need...
BCIS: Brooks & County Immigration Services

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BCIS Brooks & County Immigration Society offers a variety of services to assist newcomers in preparing to enter the Canadian workforce. Services include but are not limited to interview...

Minerva Employment Services

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Minerva Employment Services is an employment services organization located within the City of Brooks. Minerva offers assistance in resume building, cover letter assistance, employer leads, job search information, and on the job support to employees and employers.Visit...

Newell Community Action Group

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Newell Community Action Group is a non-profit organization located within the City of Brooks, which assists clients in building job skills and assists them in their job search activities. The Newell Community Action Group has been helping residents of the county for...

Provincial Resources


The Alberta Works Centre
The Alberta Works Centre helps...

Continuing Education

In the Newell Region there are options for residents to continue their education and build additional employment skills. The two main centres within the region are Medicine Hat College Brooks Campus and the 
Employment Initiatives
Creating work?
Looking for Workers?
Looking for Work?


Scholarship Applications

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Wine And Cheese Fashion Show

April 27: 6:30 to 9pm

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2017 Brooks & District EXPO - Trade show and Sale

April 28,29,30

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