Pillars for Success: Boots on the Ground Workshop


Women Building Futures is holding a series of workshops geared towards women in various working capacities.

This four-hour workshop is focused on helping individuals who are the “Boots on the Ground” understand and learn about critical performance expectations and how to incorporate them into everyday work habits. Real life scenarios will be critically examined and evaluated while exploring alternate outcomes based on improved communication techniques to help workers understand and implement strategies to improve their overall performance and retention.

Individual activities will focus on the impacts of quitting, importance of mentoring, the personal cost of turnover and setting SMART goals. Effective communication and role playing difficult staff conversations highlight the group portion of the workshop. Facilitated discussions on effective communication and active listening, a respectful workplace, as well as an individual’s roles and responsibilities.

The objectives will identify tools to raise self-awareness; explain the importance of personal accountability; identify individual roles in a respectful workplace; determine why the workshop’s 5 Best Practices are critical performance expectations.

To find out more about attending a workshop please contact Women Building Futures at workproud@womenbuildingfutures.com or call the office at (780) 452-1200.

Posted on:
Tuesday, October 30, 2018