Chamber Calls on Federal Government to Defend Canada’s Energy Sector

Late yesterday afternoon, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, The Alberta Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Chamber of Commerce issued a joint statement condemning the Government of British Columbia’s move to restrict shipments of diluted bitumen from Alberta.

“This is not an Alberta-BC issue. It is a BC-Canada and constitutional issue” said Board Member and host of The Patch Report John Petrie. “The oil and gas industry in Western Canada, including that in British Columbia has contributed to a higher standard of living for all Canadians coast to coast while taking the responsibility of looking after the environment.  Every -federal MP, regardless of party should be concerned because it could have consequences for the confederation of this country.”

The statement, which can be read in its entirety at, warns “This is much more than a regional issue. Part of the contract we have with each other as Canadians is that we won’t put roadblocks in the way of our fellow citizens’ ability to get their products to market. Together we call on the Federal Government to defend both the constitution and its own regulatory processes and help Canada’s resource sector reach potential customers around the world.”

The Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly supports this call to action and urgently calls on the Federal Government to defend Canada’s Energy Sector.


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Posted on:
Friday, February 02, 2018