How About A Realistic Resolution in 2018?


Who hasn’t been there? Its January 1st and you have an ambitious set of completely unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions. Sound familiar?

Why not put something achievable, realistic and relevant on your list: A Continuing Education Course from Medicine Hat College.

If you are an employer, invest in your best employees with relevant training like Occupational Health and Safety, Project Management and Social Media Branding. And if you have a specific requirement that isn’t met in the continuing education catalogue, reach out to the College like JBS Canada did. They can tailor a course to meet your corporate needs.

And now is you chance to avoid paying full price, either! Chamber Members get a 5% discount, and the College accepts My Community Cash for continuing ed courses! Claim your discount and pay with MCC, and get a10% discount right off the hop.

And if the course is at least 25 hours in length, chances are the Canada-Alberta jobs grant will reimburse two-thirds of the tuition to your company.

These courses are also a good fit for folks looking for a competitive advantage in a tough job market. MHC recently announced a recognized social work program will start operating in Brooks on Friday nights and Saturdays so that you can still full time while going to school. They also have the practical training you need to find work in medical offices, education and the justice system to name a few.

The folks at MHC also know the importance of a work-life balance. That’s why they offer courses in music, photography, driving, DIY and leisure activities as well.

The new course calendar is downloadable at (an abridged version will come in the mail this week or next).

Now’s the time to make good on your resolutions. Why not reach out to Medicine Hat College at 403-362-1677 to discuss what courses would help you make 2018 the year you resolved it could be!

Posted on:
Monday, January 01, 2018