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Black Friday Hype: Chamber Price Shops… and Local Business Comes Out on Top!

Chances are if you had your TV on this morning, you will have seen it. Hordes of bargain-seeking Canadians flocking across the border to take advantage of Black Friday sales. But is it worth they hype? The folks at the Chamber checked a seasonal favorite: diamonds. Lets see how it panned out.

Gents, I don’t know a woman in my life that wouldn’t be thrilled to find a pair of diamond earrings under the tree this year. So, I went in search of a pair of 0.5 Carat Canadian Diamond Earrings in 14 Carat gold. Here’s what I found:

The closest match at Birks was a 0.46 carat set sale priced at $1,725 after a Black Friday markdwn. The closest Tiffany and Co. comes is a .36 carat set priced at $2,450.

Or you could head to Hicks Jewellers and see store Manager Mareta-Chip Cheney. Hick’s has a pair of beautiful half carat Canadian diamond earrings on for $1,649 dollars and they pay the tax as a Black Friday inventive! It's no contest: cheaper to shop local.

And without wanting to be too alarmist, not all online stores charge the same price to everyone. Prices can vary based on location, time of transaction and even the browser you are using! Check out CBC News: Marketplace tonight for the shocking truth.

Thinking that the outlets at CrossIron Mills are a sure bet? What about Winners? Sorry to burst a bubble, but issues with quality and "compare at" prices have also been blown out of the water by CBC News: Marketplace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8cyvpJYZlk

Don’t forget that when you shop local you are not just getting a good deal. You are supporting the folks who help local sports teams, arts groups and community groups. You are helping to pay for dance classes, not a vacation home for a CEO.

Please shop local this Christmas.

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Friday, November 24, 2017